Diabetic Care

Routine Foot Care for Diabetics

diabetic Many Diabetics require routine foot care. This can include checking your feet for ulcers or wounds, cutting nails and reducing calluses. Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic Diabetic Care looks after your overall foot health.

Clinical Procedures

The Procedures listed below pertain to diabetic care procedures at Alpine Foot & Ankle. For more information please Contact Us.

Routine Care/Examination

Routine Care and Examinations will involve several steps to make sure your overall foot health is looked after. This may involve cutting nails, reducing calluses or checking your feet for any ulcers or wounds.

Diabetic Foot Examination

Specific to Diabetics, we will check your blood flow, sensation and high risk areas of your feet, in order to better reduce your risk of developing foot ulcers that subsequently may lead to amputation.

Wound (Ulcer) Care

Our routine care can help treat and heal ulcers, close wounds and make sure your feet are as comfortable as possible.

Peripheral Neuropathy (Numbness)

If you’re experiencing numbness, we can provide medications to help improve the condition. New products, such as the SurroSense Rx, by Orpyx Medical Technologies are now available to better protect your feet. The wireless shoe insert will help diabetics manage peripheral nerve damage and work towards preventing amputations that often stem from diabetic foot ulcers

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no pain in my feet, do I still need to see a specialist?

The loss of pain sensation in your feet is a major complication of Diabetes.  This will put you at increased risk of developing ulcers or not recognizing injuries when they occur. It is important that you have your feet checked on a regular basis.

How often do I need to see a foot specialist for my Diabetes?

Everyone is different.  For those whose Diabetes is well-controlled and can maintain good regular foot care only require a routine check once every 6-12 months.  However, those who require regular foot care and maintence, we recommend a visit every 6-8 weeks.